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Vote for Your Favorite Scarecrow

Vote for your Favorite Scarecrow in Each of the 4 Categories



Friday, September 15, 2017

Pendleton SC Scarecrow Contest 2017


The Pendleton Fall Harvest Festival is October 14, 2017, and visitors will be welcomed to town with scarecrows greeting them along the entrances into town and mounted on lampposts around the town square.
 Deadline for application entry is September 27, at 4 p.m. 

2017 Theme for the Scarecrow Contest
In light of construction that should be going on in the downtown area this fall, the theme of the contest will be CONSTRUCTION. We hope you will be creative with this theme and have fun making your scarecrows. By using a theme, it will be exciting to see how each person makes their scarecrow come to life – the sky’s the limit!

Scarecrow Contest Categories
Every creation will have a sign with the name of the scarecrow and creator. The “People’s Choice” award will be given in each of four categories:


Each winner will receive $100, a “People’s Choice” sign and bragging rights.

The Masters Category
The “MASTERS” category is different from the other four categories. The winner of this category will be chosen by a panel of judges to receive $500, plus “Category Winner” sign and bragging rights. Special instructions for this category follow the general rules. As the name indicates, this category requires more thought, creativity and efforts. Anyone is eligible to enter their scarecrow in this category but will face stronger competition than the other four categories


1. Scarecrows must be in place no earlier than October 6, 2017, but no later than NOON October 10, 2017. They will remain in place until November 1, 2017. It is the creator’s responsibility to remove no later than November 6, 2017, at 7 p.m. This time schedule MUST be followed for set-up and take-down. You are also responsible for monitoring your scarecrow during this time period for needed repairs.

2. The scarecrows should be family-friendly. Make them whimsical, humorous, mischievous or lovable – NOT frightening. Monsters, gruesome, bloody or otherwise scary entries will not be accepted. Scarecrows must be done in good taste and should not reflect controversial, social or political situations. It can be an individual scarecrow or a group of scarecrows if necessary to interpret your theme/name for your creation. The size is limited by the location of the display.

3. Businesses around the Village Green will use the existing lamppost in front of their business. The remaining lampposts will be made available to individuals and groups on a first-come basis. The lampposts will be numbered and assigned. Care must be given in hanging your scarecrow so they do not cause a hazard to pedestrians. They must be hung with the top one foot down from the light fixture and at least one foot up from the receptacle on the base of the lamppost with the arms crossbar at least 6 feet off the ground. Great care must be taken not to damage the lampposts so all scarecrows must be attached with cable ties or plastic coated wires. NO METAL WIRES SHALL BE USED DUE TO DAMAGE TO THE LAMPPOSTS. A vertical board (either a 2x4 or 1 ½ inch post) with a cross bar for the arms gives the scarecrow stability and an easy way to attach to the lamppost. The frame must not be visible.

4. Since all scarecrows must remain out-of-doors for weeks, their construction should be durable and all ornamentation securely attached and able to stand up to sun, wind and rain. Carved pumpkins or other living materials are discouraged. Uncarved pumpkins, corn stalks, gourds and other dried material or artificial flowers are best. Use care when selecting your materials and do not place items of value on your display. It is your responsibility to monitor your scarecrow during the weeks it is on display to assure it is in good condition.

5. Do not use commercial costumes, rubber masks, plastic masks, etc.

6. No items such as tiki torches or any other flammable objects are allowed.

7. Each scarecrow must have a horizontal support of wood for the body (2”x4” post preferred). A broomstick or 1”x2” is recommended for the arms. This “frame” must be concealed inside the scarecrow. This support is needed for stability. DO NOT MOUNT THEM ONTO A VISIBLE FRAME. For those mounted in the ground, a metal fence post or rebar should be used as support with wire, rope or cable ties attaching the scarecrow to this post. It will be the responsibility of the creator of any displays on asphalt/cement to make sure their creations are secure in case of wind.

8. Your exhibit can display more than one figure if needed to interpret your theme.

9. The Pendleton Fall Harvest Festival is not responsible for the security of scarecrows on display. Photos and names will be used for promotional purposes

10. A sign must be attached stating your category, name of scarecrow and name of creator. The Fall Festival committee will provide this sign upon request. There is a place on your application to let us know if we are providing the sign. It will be delivered to you before the installation of your scarecrow and you are responsible for mounting it on your scarecrow.


Online Voting - October 11 - October 14 (8 am)
Festival Voting - October 14 until 2 pm
Winners announced at Festival at 4 pm


• Spray Scotch guard on the inside and outside of clothing to prevent mildew
• Stuffing can be made from many materials, but newspaper and water-soluble peanuts are not recommended. Plastic bags and bubble wrap work well.
• Papier Mache is not a good choice due to exposure to rain • Use weather resistant materials including nylon and polyester fabrics • Scarecrows will be outside, so be sure everything is secure •

Google Scarecrow contests or Scarecrow images for ideas – there are communities all across the country having scarecrow displays and photos are on many of the sites • Use a sack, old pillow case, top of a broom, gourd or other creative material for the head LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD!!! • Traditional scarecrows with cast-off clothing, burlap, gunny sacks, jeans, overalls, straw hats, aprons, bonnets, and corn shucks are easy to construct • Design a scarecrow depicting your favorite fairytale, storybook, animal or fantasy figure. Use of bright colors and unique material is encouraged • Open a world of possibilities as you create a scarecrow interpretation of your favorite television character – human or animal – with the theme of CONSTRUCTION in mind • Create the person, place or thing – past, present or future – that says Pendleton to you • Think outside the box and make a cutting edge creation with a contemporary theme • Make your scarecrow a group project – school, church, office, business, club, scout troop, neighborhood.

Entry Form

Friday, September 16, 2016

Pendleton Scarecrow Contest 2016

Pendleton Scarecrow Contest 2016

It is that time to vote for this year's Scarecrow Contest Favorites in historic Pendleton, SC.
Thanks to the Pendleton Area Business Council/Clemson Area Chamber of Commerce the prize this year for the People's Choice Award in each Category is $100. A new category, Artist, was added this year and will be judged by a panel of judges.  The winner will receive $500.

Winners were announced at the Fall Harvest Festival on October 22, 2016 at 4 pm.  Online Voting ended at 6 am Saturday Oct 22 and continued at the Festival at 10:00 to 3:00 with ballots.
Update:  Winners Posted Below

Where are the Pendleton Scarecrows?

Peoples Choice Award

Voting continues at the Festival at 10:00 am until 3.  The totals from the online voting will be added to the festival ballot votes to determine the winner which will be announced at 4 pm Oct 22 at the Fall Harvest Festival.

See All The Entries by Clicking this Link:

2016 Pendleton Scarecrow Contest

Artist Category 

This Category will be judged by a panel of judges and winner announced at the Fall Harvest Festival on October 22, 2016 at 4 pm.

Lori Solymosi

The Mercantile

Pamela Latour and Debbie Bzdyl


Breanna Corrine

Nancy Marine

Nancy Marine

Split Creek Farm

  Check out these from last year:

See you at the Fall Harvest Festival if not before!

Voting Fun at the Festival

Come Join The Fun

In Pendleton!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Pendleton Scarecrow Contest 2015

Be sure to get your Entry Form turned in by October 6, 2015 to enter the fun Scarecrow Contest in Pendleton, SC.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Online Voting for the Pendleton Scarecrow Contest

Whew!  We sure had some bad rainy weather to hit Pendleton so were a day late starting the Scarecrow Contest Online Voting.  It was just too rainy to take the photos and many had not been able to put theirs out due to the bad weather.  We ended up with some deciding not to try for the contest but we hope they will go ahead and put theirs out soon before the festival this Saturday.  It looks like it will be a beautiful weekend for the Festival so come join the fun in Pendleton.

Oh, please don't forget to vote for your favorite scarecrow in 4 categories:

We have over 50 entries and they are so creative and clever.  You can sure tell that a lot of work and thought have gone into these.

Once again, here is the link to vote:

Here is a look at two that were not in the contest but they sure are worth looking at.  Jacque Grossman of Mountain Made and Jo McConnell, coordinator for the contest, worked together on these two great scarecrows.  If you are familiar with Pendleton, you might recognize these two gentleman.  Charlie Moore was the owner of Blue Ridge Antiques and he is certainly missed around town since his store burned.  The next one is in memory of Greg Ammons who owned Ammons Portrait Studio and passed away suddenly.  Thank you, Jacque and Jo for remembering these two great Pendletonians.

Friday, September 26, 2014

2014 Pendleton Scarecrow Contest

Now is the time to get in your Entry Form for the 3rd Annual Pendleton Scarecrow Contest.  Be sure to read the rules and have your scarecrow up by October 13th. 

To find out all about this year's contest, the rules, photos for voting choices and how to vote for the 2014 winners, please click on this link below:

Pendleton Scarecrow Contest 2014

For the entry form and the rules, please use this link from the town website for pdf formatted pages:
Scarecrows Coming To Town Rules and Entry Form
or you can go by town hall and pick them up.  Remember to make your scarecrow friendly looking.  This is not about Halloween but all about a fun Fall of the year!

Someone asked organizer Jo McConnell what the entry fee was for the Pendleton Scarecrow Contest and she told them that this is not a Fundraiser.  This is a FUN-raiser!  It sure is and so many creative people make it possible.  Jo McConnell and her husband Pete work very hard to make this event fun for everyone.

 Beginning October 15th you will be able to vote for your favorite on the website link given above in the first paragraph.  Photos will be shown of each entry by categories and then a Poll Capsule will follow and you will vote for your favorite.  Voting will close on that Friday at midnight online and will resume at the Fall Harvest Festival Saturday morning October 18th at 10 am.  Spread the word and tell all your friends.

Here are the winners from 2012 and 2013.